life & celebration

As humans we all love a good celebration and we have so much cause to celebrate!  Let’s capture the mojo of your christening’s, birthday’s, wedding’s, maternity, family or retirement.  Goodness! We can even celebrate your pets, your interests, hobbies and adventures and your parents 50th wedding anniversary!  Or maybe you might want to capture the mojo of your perfect Sunday morning!

Together we can capture your mojo, doing what you love, with the people you love.  Active engagement in your natural environment, rather than starchy, crisp portraits.  Imagine those pictures that you would love to hang on the wall, to remind you of times you are doing things you love, with your people. Wouldn’t they make more interesting and dynamic portraits?

Create images that show the real you.

Identify what you love and let’s create an image that captures your mojo.

Show who you are and who you love to be around.

We’ve also got your Wedding’s, New Baby, Birthday’s and Retirement’s covered!

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